National Beijing+10 Report of the Communication Network of Women's NGOs of the I.R.I

Women and Poverty:

A) The main reason that women have been referred to as “Weak” in the religious

narrations is their lack of access to money, property and income. Islam emphasizes

on equality of men and women in ownership and possibility of using it (To men is

allotted what they earn and to women what they earn- Nesa 32) and encourages

women to employment and economic activities and puts the responsibility of covering

life expenses of women even if they are rich; and it considers housework as a

remunerated work. If a woman wills, she can ask for her wage of housework.

B) Islam banns free sexual relations, rape, physical punishment of women and children

and has combated feminine dimensions of poverty. One of the feminine dimensions

of poverty are girls running away from houses a they participation in prostitution

as an income.

If the abovementioned cases are forbidden, the governments should program to

eliminate sexual violent behaviors that create the problems of STDs in the society.

Training and Education of Women:

Access of women to training and education equal to men is the best example of

equality among men and women in Islam. The Prophet of Islam (Peace be upon

Him) said: Education is a necessity for every man and woman.

In religious commandments, education is the responsibility of the father for both

boys and girls. Also it is stated that if some one educated her daughter in the best

way and provides her with the best life facilities for her won’t face anger of God.

Prophet of Islam (Peace be upon Him) when he married Hafazeh said to her teacher

to continue her education (so that marriage won’t stop her education).

Of course, in all training materials and methods and in all cases religion has emphasized

on equality. From Islamic perspective, boys and girls should have the ability,

skills and knowledge to enter living arena, and should have expertise and specialties.

For physical-sexual health of girls the first solution is organizing and exclusive

sexual relations and legal commitment to the family. Equality in education most of

the duties and responsibilities are removed from the women and we won’t have

women to be active in environmental, morality and prevention of war and peace

building issues.

Women and Health:

Health commandments in Islam are not gender based, but health for women has

been emphasized more since they are for human population development and

should be supported more. In Islam the emphasis is both on physical and psychological

health. For physical-sexual health of girls the first solution is organizing and

exclusive sexual relations and legal commitment to the family where the only option

is marriage. This is not negative from international system perspective.

All efforts of developed countries for legality of homosexuality, supporting single

mothers and free couples is to improve commitment among people but we all know

that it is not possible for all cases above.

157 National Beijing+10 Report of

the Communication Network of

Women's NGOs of the I.R.I

The second phase is securing family relations in case any sexually transmitted disease

appears. In the document they have first addressed he second solution. It is

obvious that they have accepted sexual partnership. In Islam this is banned even if

concubine turns to be a tool for sexual purposes and abuse, Islamic law can stop it.

Sexual education shouldn’t be at early ages and should be done carefully not to create

free sexual behaviors, which is seriously banned in Holy Quran ( ).

This verse is a good example of control over media and pornography.

Pregnancy, as it is mentioned in all religious commandments and orders is something

that should include the consent of the spouse (wife).

Marriage of men and women in case they each and every one of them has serious

illness or sexual organism disability is automatically void and doesn’t need divorce.

This show the importance of sexual issues in Islam.

Any sexual abuse of women, especially if it has income purposes, such as is

prohibited in Islam and has serious punishment.

Special care for old women, sick women and women as heads of families is the

responsibility of Islamic governments and has many narrations such as Nahj Ol

Balagha 1757.

Women’s Human Rights:

Studying the Holy Quran shows that Islam has started a legal process to protect

women. The motto of Quran in protecting women is as follows:

The necessity of legal equality regarding women is also applicable. Along with the

responsibilities and duties considered for women, there should be rights for them.

Each responsibility should also include a right and these rights should be according

to Islamic laws and humanity that balanced law accepts it.

These rights in most cases are equal to men and in some cases they are different.

Those different cases have psychological and living origins. The Holy Quran,

acquaints these differences with a sociological interpretation saying that if men and

women are different is because difference creates the needs and then the need to one

another comes and this is how a society is formed.

The Girl Child:

The holy Quran in Alzakhraf verse 17 and verses 59-57 has defined the wrong attitude

and approach of the society regarding girl child and has condemned it: What

an evil (choice) they decide on and has given orders to support and be kind and

provide equal facilities and opportunities for girls. In this verse it is defined to correct

the attitudes of the society: don’t hate girls since they

create kindness and they are valuable.

Islam reproaches preference of boys to girls and the Holy Quran blames abuse and

the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him) says that one cannot decide which one (boy

or girl) will be more useful for the family .

The Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) has advised those who didn’t like to have

girl child that she is a flower with good smell and God provides her food. The religious

leaders have encouraged parents to observe equality between girls and boys:

158 National Beijing+10 Report of

the Communication Network of

Women's NGOs of the I.R.I

fear God and behave equally among your children.

Women in Power and Decision-Making:

One of the main concepts of the religious people is that they have always consulted

scientist women and in the Holy Quran, it is mentioned that Prophet Shaeeb, one

of the Prophets of God, has consulted his daughter.

Imam Asgari has consulted his sisters and after He passed away, introduced her as

one of the scientists of the Shia’ world. These cases show the presence of women in

high ranks of expertise in the country. Meaning that Islam believes in women’s role

in power and decision making in the country.

Women and Armed Conflict:

The Holy Prophet and Holy Imam Ali has encourages the governor’s to protect

women in armed conflicts such as the Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) said to

the leaders in conquering Mecca, and order of Imam Ali after Jamal war that never

attack women.

Violence Against Women:

In Islam beating is forbidden expect if it is a legal crime punishment which is undertaken

by qualified people. Nowhere in the religion beating or harassment of girls is

not encouraged.

Various psychological violence such as accusing women, abandoning them, and

despising them is forbidden. Addressing, legal cursing in marriage, meaning accusation

of a woman by the man in the family has special religious instructions and is

completely forbidden. These individuals according to Islam don’t qualify for social

relations and even greeting .

In punishments for fornication, stoning to death, scourge are equal punishments

(Chapter Nour, verse 2) or is less in some cases for women.

Even if corruption and pornography is banned, still violence against women continues.

If autonomy and political autonomy will of some countries doesn’t stop, violence

will still be there. That is why Islam is against corruption and dominance of

power over those who are weak. The Hejab is a good solution to free women to be

a sexual object.

In Islam, any war with the purpose of dominance over others is prohibited. But

when it is invasion for power, countries like the US doesn’t bound itself to limits

and creates sexual bombs and organized rape as a military strategy. Narcotics, alcohol,

music with serious motivations all are to eliminate violence against women.

On the other hand, husbands should put their efforts so that all sexual needs of

women are met at family limits so that they never apply for prostitution. Imam

Sadjad, in his old ages, told to his wives that if any of them feels that she should

marry another, should say so and I will free her so that she won’t sin.

159 National Beijing+10 Report of

the Communication Network of

Women's NGOs of the I.R.I

Women and the Environment:

The Holy Quran is full of verses saying that earth and skies are sign of God and considers

attention to nature as a prayer. The Holy Quran, considers women as the

mothers of the earth and considers destruction of the earth as a characteristics for

disobedient people.

Institutional Mechanisms:

The Holy Quran talks about the story of Queen Saba and Holy Soleiman, and

emphasizes on women’s ability in political and government decision-making. In

this verse, Queen Saba is the person who takes all her decisions by consulting others

and is not a dictator. Also it defines that how this woman stays away from war

with Soleiman and chooses to negotiate.

Women and the Media:

In the method of infallibles women had a big role in media. The most significant

example is Holy Zeynab who had to advocate for Imam Hossein (third Imam of

Shia) as the symbol of justice and criticize Yazid (third Omavi Khalifa who martyred

Imam Hossein) and Her speech shows her ability and skills over media techniques.

Women and the Economy:

In the Holy Quran and Islamic Sharia’ women have economic independence. The

canonical principle of “Human beings dominate their property” include both men

and women and represents their total and complete autonomy in using their wealth.

In Islamic Sharia’ housework and raising children are considered as jobs and

women can receive wages for household responsibilities, breast-feeding, and taking

care of children.

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Communication Network of Women's NGOs

of the Islamic Republic of Iran